• A You can find button "Create connection" on the top-right conner of Connection page, click it to start.
  • A Select "Signals Follower" if you want to use your MT4 account to subscribe auto copy trade Signals.
  • B Select "Signals Provider" if you want to sell your Signals on CopyTrade, you can earn up-to 70% of Signals fee.
  • A Select a broker to continue. If the broker you want to select does not listed, please contact us.
  • A Answer the question "Do you already have MT4 account...?" - Select "No" If you don't have MT4 account yet.
  • B Click button "Open live account" to go to broker website where you can open new live MT4 account. If your need more support this step, please contact your broker directly. When you receive login info from broker, continue by select "Yes".
  • A Answer the question "Do you already have MT4 account...?" - Select "Yes" If you already have MT4 account.
  • B Enter your Account Server, Account Number, Account Password and click "Connect". Waiting a few minutes, If everything is OK you will see message "Connect success", otherwise please check the error message for detail.
  • A Your MT4 account identity - Broker logo, Account Number and Account Server, click to view detail of your MT4 account.
  • B Your MT4 account status - The green icon means OK, otherwise please check message for detail.
  • C Actions to manage your MT4 account - Settings or Remove it if you want
  • A We ranking traders on Signals page where you can see who is trading what in real time.
  • B Calculate how much you can earn, please understand this is just potential profit that calculate based on history orders.
  • B Click button "Subscribe" on Signals that you want to follow auto copy trade.
  • A Select your MT4 account that you want to use, one MT4 account can only follow one Signals at the same time.
  • B Select a period of subscription, we have discount for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months
  • C Click on button "Subscribe" to continue payment process. We accept Paypal as default payment method, if you want to use another method contact us via email [email protected].
  • A When finish payment process, you can see the column "Subscription" show your selected Signals info
  • B Please wait a few minutes to setup your subscription, when the setup finish your can see the status change from "Waiting for setup" to "Connected".
  • A Click "Subscription" tab in Connection detail page to manage your subscription
  • B Current subscription information: Signals name, Expiration date and detail of opening positions.
  • C Click "Renew" to extend your subscription time. Click "Un-subscribe" to cancel your subscription.

Subscribe auto copy trade Signals

See who is trading what in real-time and automatically copy what they do